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Business Development, Training, & Consulting

Northern Compass Consulting’s consultants are professionals who provide training and consulting services to businesses and individuals—offering our expertise in various areas, including management, leadership, employee relations, community development, and customer service.

We specialize in consulting through strategic planning, operational assessments, and business process improvement, providing training and development to corporate leadership and teams.

Our Approach to Consulting

Business Consulting Services

 We believe that every client has unique needs and challenges which require customized solutions. Our goal is to help you achieve your vision through an effective combination of strategy, operations assessment, and change implementation.

The Northern Compass Consultants work with each client individually to identify specific issues and develop strategies tailored to meet those objectives, allowing us to make recommendations based on what works best for your organization.

In addition to helping companies improve their performance, we also assist people at all levels within these organizations. Whether developing new skills, improving existing ones, or simply learning how to be more productive, we can help!

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training

We provide organizations with the tools and training necessary to educate company culture on multiple issues through empathy-based training solutions so that everyone feels included, valued, and respected no matter who they are or where they come from.

Leadership Development

As leaders ourselves, Northern Compass Consulting understands the importance of having strong team members around us. The ability to lead effectively depends upon being able to influence others. To do this successfully, you must first know yourself and then learn about other people.

Team Building

North Compass Consulting is uniquely qualified to prevent and resolve conflict so that your organization can thrive. We offer conflict resolution coaching, workplace mentoring and relationship coaching for leaders, as well as facilitator-guided workshops on how to deal with difficult conversations.

Organizational Consulting

Whether you need assistance with creating a growth plan, implementing a program, or want some guidance along the way, we have experience working with many different types of groups, from small start-up firms to Fortune 500 corporations, to municipalities and governmental agencies.

Our Clients
Minority Business Enterprise (MBE)

How can we help you?

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